Born Virginia Ruth Herbert in the year 1952, in North London N9, England; also known as Ginni. From the age of seven, I became aware of energies around me that were trying to communicate with me and get my attention. I was afraid and I pleaded with the higher powers not to let me SEE anything.

At sixteen a wonderful healer offered me the opportunity to work with him but once again I backed off when he told of the amazing things he used to see and how his walls were like cinema screens showing the spirit world. I immersed myself in life, Music College, partying, traveling and eventually forming a band that took me from England, across Europe to the Middle East.

New cultures, new languages to learn, caught up in wars and still I felt emptiness and became frustrated that something was missing. As a trained singer I had reached unbelievable heights through music and sound, as a student of yoga I again touched this special space, a glimpse of what was attainable.

At the age of forty I was ready, finally to accept, surrender and serve the light in any way my guides saw fit. I asked for guidance and within a few days met a Reiki Master and from that moment I never looked back.