It was the key I needed to open the door and face my fears. Door after door opened as my guides escorted me gently out into the LIGHT. Later I was guided towards Homeopathy and I am now a fully qualified homeopath licensed by The London International college of homeopathy. Homeopathy, Reiki, Yoga, meditation, Sound and correct breathing, work harmoniously together to bring about a feeling of well being that cannot be expressed in words.

As all rivers run to the ocean so all paths ultimately lead us to the Great Universal Ocean of love and wisdom. It may take some of us longer than others as we get caught up in the lessons of life. Sometimes we lose our way or get diverted for a while but the hunger for knowledge will encourage us to knock on doors along the way in search of sustenance to fill that emptiness within. We are always supported and guided for our highest good in the journey of life.

We simply have to learn to accept and surrender and trust in our place in the universe.