Homeopathy is whole person orientated and aimed at getting to the roots of trauma and dis-ease. Mental / emotional traumas affect our lives and create our diseases. Our lower emotions such as fear, anger, grief and loss are more often than not suppressed within our body-mind and if they are not allowed release then the body will express their energy as physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Homeopathy is based on the principle that “like cures like” and remedies are given that mimic the inner traumas encouraging the body-mind to respond and resolve the inner turmoil.

Once the inner turmoil has been resolved the outer effects or symptoms disappear. Homeopathic remedies are produced from thousands of substances, from flowers to minerals to plastic. The remedies are prepared in the traditional ‘Hahnemann’ way. They are potentized which amplifies the substances’ curative effect while eliminating the side-effects of orthodox medicine. Homeopathy is complementary to all other forms of healing.  

It cannot for example give you a ‘nose job’ but it can ensure little or no bruising and inflammation with the aid of a simple flower remedy now used by most cosmetic surgeons called ‘Arnica’. Homeopathy is a holistic system and involves good listening skills by the homeopath who listens above and between the lines tracing the patterns behind the suffering in order to bring about ‘cure’.

“Listening with the heart so that we can find the Way” The Tao Virginia. R. Herbert. Ghaziri