Qi-Yoga, Breath Work & Meditation

Correct breathing, stillness through movement and meditation are all ways of growing within. By employing a simple regime of correct breathing, gentle but intense movement and passive and active meditation we strengthen the immune system, treat chronic illness and allow high levels of energy to help regenerate our nervous system. Stillness through movement involves very little actual movement thereby generating energy as opposed to consuming it.

In theses classes we learn the nature of the energy that flows within the human body. Our bodies are filled with energy that gets blocked within us. With practice we learn to relax the nervous and muscular systems simultaneously. The pathway is then clear for the renewed circulation of the natural energy in our bodyminds.

"Non-action is the real action. One hundred acts are not as good as one moment of silence. One hundred exercises are not as good as one moment of standing still."

Wang Xiang Zhai