Reiki is a gift from the heart of the Universe to our own hearts. It is a "Hands on healing" method that helps to re-align our energy-bodies so that we can vibrate on a level of wellness with all other living things. The Reiki healer through a series of attunements connects with the universal life force. He or she becomes an open channel whereby the energy can flow freely through the healer for the sole purpose of self- healing and development or for clearing and healing other living things and situations. All that is required to channel Reiki is a desire to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. To allow our intuition or higher-self to guide us along the path towards our inner space where we can find clarity, inspiration and the inner strength to make the necessary changes to reach our higher purpose.

During a Reiki workshop, tools and techniques are introduced to help the student’s center themselves and move into an inner space where the cleansing process can begin. Various meditation techniques are taught enabling the student to become a clearer and stronger channel for receiving and sending the healing energy. Both active and passive forms of meditation are taught.

A Stillness through movement meditation helps to release tensions in the body of the student healer. These tensions are both physical and emotional and like a heavy meal they need digesting, assimilating and eliminating. Toxins are released; organs are cleansed allowing the student to work from a higher place.